About This Page

This is a file cabinet for my mind. Sometimes I am driven to write; it may be politics, philosophy, Dungeons and Dragons, or simply something I’ve learned. Take a moment to familiarized yourself with the topics, or just drive right¬† in at the homepage and look at all the posts! Don’t forget to add us to your RSS feeds.

Bible Stories

This is a critical examination of the Bible through Skeptical eyes. Read at your own risk.

Bible Verses Americans Forgot

There are verses in every book of the Bible that the far-right Christians in the United States either have forgotten, or willfully ignore.


Here’s my opinion and research on political thought. Some is direct (I’m looking at you, Trump) and some deals with broader political theory.


Here is deep thoughts on the nature and condition of man.

Dungeons & Dragons

Campaign ideas, observation, and comment on what may be the greatest game ever conceived.

Things I learned Today

Random things that interest me.


I sometimes compile information for articles. You can very that here.

Other websites

Surferjeff – my personal website and the hub of my online existence.

Hillbillies At Work – Here’s my Facebook page that I use to shoot off my mouth at things that piss me off.

Caramelized Photography – This is my photography business site.

Caramelized Magazine¬†– Here’s my online magazine that covers travel, festivals, events, and attractions worldwide.