Happy Columbus Day, Ya’ll!

I am deleting all my worthless e-mails today, and I notice several “Columbus Day Sale!” promotions. Mostly they don’t bother me, although I feel they are in poor taste and I wouldn’t do it. One of them caught my eye, however, and I had to comment on it. A bullion company (they sell gold and silver coins and bullion) was having a Columbus Day sale. If you remember your history, Columbus told the Spanish about all the riches available in the new world, which launched the age of the conquistadors. Spanish (and Portuguese) soldiers butchered locals throughout the Americas in a search for gold. I was a terrible moment in history that you can find a brief description here and here. The point is, maybe Columbus Day is not the best day to highlight in a business that sells gold and silver.

Hell, maybe it is. This is the United States after all.


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